August Tips, Specials, and Must-Haves!

 Pharmaceris Special
Really red?

Inflamed capillaries on the skin’s surface cause the skin to be red and blotchy. Professional skin care products containing active ingredients designed to improve the condition will help provide elasticity to capillary walls, strengthen blood vessel walls, reduce redness and provide true relief.

Rosacea and redness help!

While there is no cure, there are many effective products to reduce the symptoms. Remember to avoid things that heat the skin – summer temps, hot drinks, alcohol, stress, over exertion, hot baths and showers & spicy foods. These trigger the symptoms.

FYI about stress!

We know stress effects skin negatively but recent studies have shown that stressed skin cannot repair these problems as effectively. Skin does not absorb products as well as relaxed skin. Keep calm for your skin. Treat yourself well!

Jane Iredale FoundationAugust Must Haves

Jane Iredale’s Pure Pressed Base Mineral Foundation in the color “Natural” for pink undertones or Warm Sienna for yellow undertones are absolutely the best coverage we have ever seen to cover redness perfectly. It is truly amazing leaving the skin looking and feeling like your skin, only better. You will be amazed!

Pharmaceris’s entire line! Our favorite for true help and relief for those with the tendency towards redness, broken capillary walls or rosacea.

Free Egyptian Magic CreamAugust Specials

With $100.00 purchase of Pharmaceris receive a complimentary White Soft Shammy for exceptional gentle cleansing for even the most sensitive of skins.  So wonderful and effective!

With the purchase of $300.00 of any products receive a complimentary Egyptian Magic cream – WOW! Fabulous!

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