July Tips, Specials, and Must-Haves!

Free Pre de Provence Soap
No.1 age accelerator!

Summer is here! Have fun but remember, while a tan may look great – UVA and UVB rays permanently damage elastin, the protein in the dermis that gives the skin its elasticity. Then by increasing water loss and reducing flow to the cells, the sun also impairs the body’s natural ability to nourish the skin. Protect!

Extra sunscreen benefit!

New studies have found that sunscreen use can provide almost instant improvements by allowing your cells to focus on tasks that make skin healthy, like building collagen and shedding dead cells, rather than on fighting UV rays.

Jane Iredale Powder Me SunscreenSunscreen in the eyes???

Apply a lip balm sun stick with an SPF15 around the eyes. These are less runny and are more water-resistant than regular sunscreens.

July’s Must Have:

Jane Iredale’s Powder Me Sunscreen – Patti’s fav! Dry sunscreen with a SPF30. So easy to apply. The best!

YBF QuenchJuly Specials!

With any $200.00 purchase receive a complimentary Pre de Provence soap because they just smell and feel so wonderful! Pick your favorite scent! For online orders just write scent in the comment section of your order. Enjoy!

And everyone’s favorite . . . with the purchase of any of YBF’s (Your Best Face) powerful eye treatment – CORRECT – receive a complimentary YBF LIP QUENCH! Fabulous!

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