June Tips, Specials, and Must-Haves

Skin Care Shop Jane Iredale Lip Drink

Read my lips!

Lips are particularly thin, vulnerable and especially sensitive due to the fact they contain minimal sebaceous (oil) glands, Due to this sensitivity, lips are susceptible to chapping and cracking, irritations from chemically induced cosmetics and the most serious, UV damage. Treat those lips with reparative products and remember to protect lips year around!

Does hair really age?

Not really, except for the loss of pigment. We are constantly sprouting new hair. Old looking hair has more to do with chemical treatments, bad brushes, product abuse, sun and pollution. Take care of those strands!

Malibu Hair RepairBug Repellent!

A necessary product for the summer months! Remember to use a DEET-FREE repellent to protect from those bugs. Our favorite is All Terrain! 100% effective for two hours! Safe for kids and for even the most sensitive of skins. FYI – online store shoppers have to call the shop or stop in for this item!

June Must Have

Jane Iredale’s Lip Drink SPF 15 for the best hydration and protection!

June’s Specials:

With the purchase $200 of Jane Iredale products receive a complimentary Jane Iredale Sheer Lip Drink SPF 15! The best!

With the purchase of $200 of any products receive a Professional Malibu Miracle Repair Hair Packet Treatment to remove all build-up and truly revitalize your hair.

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